Debate of the candidates for mayor of Valença-rj 2020

Watch the debate of candidates for mayor of Valença-rj promoted by ACIVA, Sicomércio and OAB

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by: Franklin Couto published on 11/09/2020 at: 22h30 and updated at 22h35

Valença — A debate promoted by Sicomércio, ACIVA, and OAB Valença-rj had as main highlight the non-attendance of three of the five candidates for the mayor of Valença.
A clarification note was read on behalf of the three bodies that invested in making the debate feasible.

In general, the debate revolved around the candidates who were there — Helio Bilheri — Pupuca PSB and candidate Luciana Miranda PSOL — and the questions were asked by the institutions responsible for the debate and answered topics related to health, education, etc … Themes of such importance to the entire population.

Candidates Fernandinho Graça PP, Fábio Ramos PSC, and Gelson Sampaio PROS did not attend the event. The necessary justifications were sent and read publicly, however, the population still does not know the proposals of all candidates.

The electoral election will take place on 11/15/2020 and if you do not have symptoms of covid-19, or did not have a diagnosis in the 14 days prior to the election, go to your electoral zone and vote! Candidates for councilors are listed in the following links (click here)

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