Starts vaccination against H1n1 in Valença!

City that already had a confirmed death begins vaccinations but can not meet everyone.

por: Franklin Couto

Valença – After stamping the covers of the country’s leading news sites (Veja, Estadão, O Globo, etc …) to vaccinate the 1st council members and their families and not to citizens who are in the risk area, therefore deserved be prioritized finally started vaccination in the public stations.

The big problem is that despite the row turning block, the amount of available doses was not enough to meet even one third of the amount of people who sought health posts with the intention to immunize.

The high level of demand was caused by the discovery of a death in the city caused by the virus. The promise is that next week over a portion of the population has access to the vaccine. But a warning is required! If you are not pregnant, you have more than five and less than 65 years of age, the ideal is that you priority to people who are in these conditions. They are with a percentage much higher risk than yours.


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